Second World Pashto Literary Convention

Second World Pashto Literary Convention
6,7,8 April 2012
Nishtar Hall Peshawar
Pashto is a lively language. Pukhtun nation has an old history. The civilization of Pukhtunwali (pukhtuns way of life) has indelible marks on the surface of the earth. Pashto is not only a language but a civilization as well as an ethical philosophy. Pukhtun nation is proud of its language and culture because these are the ingredients of its Identity. Although as a nation, the Pukhtun has played an effective role in the history of the world, and has struggled hard during the 20th century for his survival, yet the cultural onslaught let loose in the 21st century has forced every conscious member of this nation to imagine and evaluate the future constitution of the Pukhtuns values.

The enthusiastic members of da Pashto Adabi Chaman Tall (the Pashto literary garden of Tall) have taken up this task with their frantic and romantic spirit to launch a new movement for renaissance and highlighting of Pashto and the identity of the Pukhtun at world level.
We have launched altruistically a new literary movement under the urge of the verdict of the history. In the atmosphere of globalization in this century and at this stage of the history, the time has assigned this duty to thall after kaniguram, Akorakhattak, Peshawar, Hashtnaghar, Khyber and Malakang. Hence, in realisation of this aim, the Pashto literary garden of Tall has planned a 3-day Second Pashto world literary convention on renaissance of Pashto and Pukhtunwali on the occasion that Pukhtoons are passing through a critical situation.
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