Free Download Pashto Book "Da Rahman Baba Dewan" (Poetry) By Abdulrauf Benawa

Book Name:    Da Rahman Baba Dewan

Murattab:          Abdulrauf Benawa

Chap:                1947 / 1326

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  1. how can i find rahman baba book. please send it to me on my email.

  2. salam dear
    its a very good sign for our pakhtoons brothers to study the literature even on net. God bless u for your such struggle.
    May i get a copy of Rahman Baba Dewan through my email at "".
    i would be very thankful.
    Best of luck

  3. can I get a copy of Rahman Baba Dewan please.

  4. Salam could u plz send me a copy of Rahman Baba Dewan on i will be gratefull to u with this kind of act. thanks

  5. Salaam,I appreciate. Your. this. great task to provide dewan e rahman baba and other pashto books for public through email. I shade: khattak also request you for downloading of dewan e Rahman baba.please..

  6. Very nice poetry.
    I am sharing some of my favorite ghazal poetry here.


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